Transcripts for the Trials of the Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of ICTY Transcripts Database located at The collection of transcripts at this site is based on HTML pages gleaned from the ICTY Cases & Judgements UN hosted website. Those transcripts are crude line numbered copies of the original notes taken at the trial. The transcripts as I post them have been processed with Perl scripts utilizing Regular Expressions to remove the line and page numbers and HTML tags added in order to make them more legible. Like the transcripts posted by the ICTY, these are not official transcripts. Any errors and omission should be considered my own and should be brought to my attention at

The transcripts at this site are uploaded and processed from the ICTY's site every 24 hours. If you know that a transcript is a available at the ICTY's site and you don't see it processed here, please alert me at

This is a Flash interface for the directory of ICTY transcripts as provided by this site. If your browser does not provide for a Flash interface, use directory browsing starting at this directory, To use the below interface, just click once on the control to gain focus and then click on one of the trials and folders will show with years leading to days that link to the page for that day. Witnesses are also listed for that trial, if there were any found for this database, and these can be clicked to show all the trial appearances and dates for that witness.

The "Summary of Days for Trials" can be sorted for each column by clicking the column heading. Also, the dates are links to the transcripts for that day and trial. There are some bad links for the dates. Click the trial names to load the trial in the "Trial Dates and Witnesses" windows. If the window scrolls when you move the mouse over the page, just click the scroll bar and that should cure that.

Along with the Flash user interfaces above, listings of the trials are available through directory browsing starting here The listings can be sorted by file name and date by clicking the column heading links at the top of the directory browsing page. The date of the trial is encoded into the file name so that 100706IT.htm means the transcript date is 2010-07-06, or July 6, 2010. "IT" indicates the trial type.

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Witnesses Appearing at more Than One Trial

This is a report displaying witnesses who appear at more than one trial and the trials where these witnesses testify. As of August 31, 2006, there are not links to the transcripts for these trials themselves.

Summary of Pages Redacted for ICTY Trials

Much of the trial activity occurs under closed or private session and also much of it is censored out from the transcripts, also known as "redacted". This is a summary of the amount redacted transcripts for each trial


There have been numerous complications and obstacles to processing many of these transcripts pages. The automated conversion from one type of HTML display to my more legible version depends on consistancy in the formating of the original transcripts. This does not always occur. Confronting these disparities is an ongoing job, but many pages may not be processed correctly and I certainly cannot proof over 4,700 pages of processed HTML. I have encountered a few mis-processed pages entirely through random examination.

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